Online modules or courses that help you familiarize yourself with the basics of entrepreneurship. This part of the program is open and accessible all year round.

What are the topics?

Module 1

Entrepreneurship fundamentals: basic terminology, myths, and realities.

Module 2

Idea generation: how to identify, explain, and decide which one of your ideas you should develop.

Module 3

Market validation: the steps you should follow to understand if your idea has a potential market willing to pay for it.

Module 4

Markets and competitors: how to reach diverse target audiences through market research and competitor analysis.

Module 5

Develop your website & E-commerce: how to create your digital presence, develop your e-commerce, and use tools to generate effective sales.

Module 6

Marketing Basics: your gateway to mastering fundamental marketing principles, brand definition, and strategic planning.

Module Icon

Module 7

Digital Marketing: Learn how to leverage social media, master SEO, and maximize email marketing to reach your customers through digital media.

Module 8

Turning my Idea into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP): learn how to transform your business idea into the first version of your product or service.

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