Fase1 is an entrepreneurship program with two main goals: to provide universal access to entrepreneurship education and incubate ideas that can transform into successful startups.

As a program of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust, Fase1 complements the organization’s entrepreneurship pillar, which includes Colmena66 and the parallel18, pre18, and P18 programs. Fase1 is also part of The Small Business Incubators and Accelerators (SBIA) Program from the Department of Housing of Puerto Rico under the CDBG-DR program.

How Does it Work?

Fase1 is divided into 2 phases:


Educational modules with basic entrepreneurship and more. You must complete the first three modules to apply to Intensive.


12-week incubator with hybrid sessions on Saturdays. The announcement opens once a year.




Online modules or courses that help you familiarize yourself with the basics of entrepreneurship.

What are the topics?

Module 1

Entrepreneurship fundamentals: basic terminology, myths, and realities.

Module 2

Idea generation: how to identify, explain, and decide which one of your ideas you should develop.

Module 3

Market validation: the steps you should follow to understand if your idea has a potential market willing to pay for it.

What are the benefits of Fase1 Lab?

Personalized support at each stage of the modules. If you have any questions, send us an email at [email protected].

Access to work tools to develop your business idea and the prototype of your product or service.

Opportunity to complete the Fase1 Intensive application upon completion of the first three modules.



Our incubator includes training, guidance, and mentorship to help entrepreneurs to develop their minimum viable product (MVP).

Intensive branding


Our incubator includes training, guidance, and mentorship to help entrepreneurs to develop their minimum viable product (MVP).

What are the benefits
of Fase1 Intensive?

Technical sessions for developing your prototype or MVP.

Hybrid sessions (in-person/virtual) on Saturdays.


Assistance with startup registration and logo development.

Access to the entrepreneurship community.

One-on-one mentoring sessions with local and international experts.

It’s in Spanish.


Transportation credit.


Professional photos.


Access to a coworking space.

Opportunity to win prizes at DemoDay.

Up to 30 projects will receive direct consideration from the pre18 evaluating committee.

How does it work?

12 weeks of an intensive curriculum (inspired by the one developed by our sister program, parallel18).

Up to 50 projects or business ideas.


It happens once a year.

What are the requirements?

Questions? Write to us at [email protected].

Complete the first three modules of Fase1 Lab (available here).

Complete the application.

Be available to participate in the in-person activities the program organizes.

Be a resident of Puerto Rico, a U.S. citizen, or a resident agent.

If your business is established, have five employees or less.

Fase1 prepares you to participate in any pre-acceleration program and complete the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust’s entrepreneurship pillar.

Fase1 prepares you to participate in any pre-acceleration program and complete the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust’s entrepreneurship pillar.

Who can participate in Fase1?


Our program is designed so anyone who wants to start a business can make it. Now, if you’re still hesitant, ask yourself the following:

Have you been thinking for a while that your business needs a turnaround, and you’re not clear on how to go about it or what it should be?

Do you want to turn your professional life around but don’t want to do it without planning?

Did you retire from a specific industry and have a lot of know-how? Would you like to understand how to use that knowledge to do something else?

Are you working on your student project and want to explore the idea of turning it into a startup without the commitment of mandatory days in a program?

Do you need something that fits your time and responsibilities, but you’re dying to know the basics of entrepreneurship?

And remember, Fase1 is free and without fixed schedules. So, get started, and do not be intimidated:

By your age: whether you are a student, working adult, or retiree, the modules we have prepared are simple and enjoyable for everyone;

Because of your tight schedule: Fase1 has no start or end date; you can watch the modules when you have time. The videos are short and concise, to maximize your time;

Because entrepreneurship is hard: subscribing to Fase1 and starting our modules does NOT force you to create a startup. You can even start without an idea. Our purpose is to provide free education for you to determine if entrepreneurship is your path. We hope it is!

¿Llevas tiempo pensando en que tu negocio necesita una vuelta de tuercas y no tienes claro cómo hacerlo o cuál debe ser?

¿Quieres darle un giro a tu vida profesional, pero no quieres hacerlo sin planificar?

¿Te retiraste de una industria y tienes mucho conocimiento? ¿Te gustaría entender cómo puedes usar ese conocimiento para hacer otra cosa?

¿Estás trabajando tu proyecto estudiantil y quieres explorar la idea de convertirlo en un startup sin el compromiso de participar días obligatorios en un programa?

¿Necesitas algo que se ajuste a tu tiempo y responsabilidades, pero te mueres por conocer los básicos del emprendimiento?

Y, recuerda, Fase1 es gratis y sin horarios fijos. Así que empieza y no te intimides:

Por tu edad: seas estudiante, adulto trabajador o retirado, ambas partes de nuestro programa son sencillas y amenas para todos;

Porque tu agenda está apretada: Fase1 Lab no tiene fecha límite de comienzo o fin, por lo que puedes ver los módulos cuando tengas tiempo. Los videos son cortos y al grano, para que el tiempo no sea una limitación. De igual forma, nuestra incubadora Fase1 Intensive es en formato híbrido y en un horario accesible los sábados;

Porque emprender es difícil: suscribirte a Fase1 y comenzar nuestros módulos NO te obliga a tener que crear un emprendimiento. De hecho, puedes hasta comenzar sin una idea. Nuestro propósito es proveer educación gratuita, incluyendo capacitaciones especializadas en el desarrollo de prototipos, para que determines si el emprendimiento es tu camino.
¡Esperamos que sí!

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